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Life Rules for Young Musicians by R. Schumann


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The collection of pedagogical maxims entitled Musikalische Haus-und Leben Regeln (Home and Life Rules for Musicians) is one of the most popular literary works of Robert Schumann. The rules were written in the last period of his life and contain Schumann’s most important pedagogical ideas for young musicians. Initially, the author intended to place these notes between the pieces in his Album für die Jugend (Album for the Young), op. 68. Later, however, this plan was abandoned and the work was published separately, in a special annex to Leipzig’s Neue Musikmagazin (New Music Magazine). The educational value of Schumann’s book consists not only in the practical advice on how to achieve technical mastery but also in the idea, constantly emphasized throughout the book, that music must embody virtue and always serve a greater purpose. In English, Russian and French.