I have nothing but my most sincere praise for the clarity with which the manual for teachers is written, the beautiful compilation of pieces and especially the whole philosophy of what a proper beginning method entails. You articulate it so well in the manual; I have no doubt that it will be a huge asset to a vast number of teachers of beginners!

Dr. Eva Solar-Kinderman, University of Victoria

The Little Pianist’s First Steps shows very clearly the logic behind each aspect of the “method”. Mr. Shevtsov has synthesized his years of experience as a student and a teacher and presented his ideas to help young children become the very best pianists they can be.
The method respects the child, honours childhood and acknowledges how children learn. While some of the ideas reiterate what is found in other methods there is much that is unique. All the songs and activities are child appropriate and developmentally suitable.
The pieces have been chosen and composed tastefully to give the children a satisfying musical experience rather than just to fulfill a pedagogical goal.

Joe Berarducci, University of Victoria, UBC, Simon Fraser University, RCM Examiner.

I totally agree with the principles of freedom of movements, which is so crucial in the prime years of apprenticeship.

Dr. Michel Fournier, University of Sherbrooke

Thank you for bringing such clarity to teaching the Russian approach to technique and musicality and doing it in such an artistic and engaging way for young beginners.

Randy Jones, Allegro studios, Charlotte, NC, USA

Terrific Method books! … show great experience and creativity of the author. I would highly recommend First Steps books for every piano teacher.

Dr. Eugene Skovorodnikov

Creative, bright and entertaining, these books are beautifully illustrated and contain tons of humor, wisdom and love for young children. I am convinced that Little Pianist First Steps deserves to become a handbook for every piano teacher…

Dr. Boris Konovalov