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Little Pianist: First Steps. Book Two


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Level Two Book focuses on one of the most important skills of piano technique – coordination of hands in combining different articulations. The book contains three parts: collection of pieces, easy studies and scales. Learning studies and scales, is laying foundation for different aspects of finger technique and chord execution.

The book is designed for 20 – 22 lessons and is normally learned in approximately five months. By the end of the book, students are ready to play with technical fluency, good articulations and expressive dynamics pieces of Grade 2 according to RCM Syllabus.

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Little Pianist First Steps is based on the tradition of Russian Piano School. The main principle is freedom and flexibility in all elements of piano technique. In our method, we avoid at the beginner stage any kind of fixed, five-finger-positional playing, which can cause tension, stiffness of hands and unclear articulation.

One of the primary goals of the method is establishing naturally free hand position; correct playing habits, wrist flexibility and freedom of all playing movements – the foundation of piano technique.

We teach music rhythm and notation in a very attractive and easy to understand way. Fairytale situations, funny characters and great illustrations make it fun for small children.