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Help Your Child Excel at the Piano by Victor Shevtsov


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“Help Your Child Excel at the Piano” is designed for all parents who are considering piano lessons for their children. The book offers insight into various teaching approaches and practical suggestions for getting started, both for parents who dream of their children becoming concert pianists as well as for those who simply want to introduce them to music and the piano, in particular.

The author’s recommendations are based on the conviction that piano lessons—or instruction on any other musical instrument—can be fun, but should also be taken seriously, regardless of the child’s innate abilities or goals. The paramount purpose of music lessons is not only to bring up future professionals but also to instill in children a lifelong love of music. Students with a wide range of talents and ambitions will benefit from their parents’ thoughtful and educated decisions regarding the many aspects of music education that are discussed in this book. Your child deserves the best!