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Музыкальные Приключения Джона и Мэри: В Стране Нотных Гномов (Книга Вторая)


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Музыкальные Приключения Джона и Мэри: Книга Вторая

В Стране Нотных Гномов

занимательная теория музыки в рассказах и рисунках

Second volume of an engaging fairy tale about musical adventures of John and Mary. Children get acquainted with the basic music theory concepts in an easy and entertaining way. Funny characters – the Note-Gnomes, Drum Master, beat counter Tic-Tock and others keep a child’s interest through the whole story. Elegant, delicate style of illustrations instils in children an artistic taste, warmth and sincerity of expression. Engaging / Entertaining / Educative. For children of 6 to 11 years of age.